Volunteering With the Friends Can Help You Live Longer

Volunteering With the Friends Can Help You Live Longer!

No, that is not a threat from our F.O.L. volunteer coordinator!

It is simply another great reason to call or email us about volunteering!

Information from a review of over forty studies published in BMC Public Health shows that those who help others are also helping themselves.

“Our systematic review shows that volunteering is associated with improvements in health,” ~ Dr. Suzanne Richards, University of Exeter Medical School 

The authors found that those who spend their time helping others on a regular basis can reduce early mortality rates by 22%, compared to people who don’t participate in volunteer activities. They also found volunteering reduced rates of dementia, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes!

Friendly classmates with blank paper

Thanks for your support!

Reasons to Help with a Friends of the Library Activity or Book Sale:

  • Helps our library and our community
  • Helps pay for library improvements & programs
  • We usually have food
  • You are welcome to read on the job
  • It helps the kids
  • You will be healthier
  • You will live longer

As you can see, volunteering with the Friends of the Library is a great idea. You can email or call us, or sign up to help at our Spring Book Sale right away using VolunteerSpot which can be found on the side bar of this page.

Volunteers Circle!

We need volunteers April 22-24 for help with setting up books, organizing them, supervising the book sales, and clean up.

There are jobs for those who like to do heavy lifting or those who need to take it a little easy – teens, seniors and families are all welcome to help!

We would love to see you there, but if you are not able to help at the book sale, you may want to contact us about serving at the Summer Reading Program’s party this summer, or serving on our executive board!

Volunteering: it helps the kids, it helps the Friends of the Library and it helps you!


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